Introduction to the Live YouTube Event

Introduction to the Live YouTube Event by Butch Hamilton

You are cordially invited this day, May 08, 2017 to a special Avon Perfume live event on YouTube. Here, Butch Hamilton, noted author, speaker, website designer and promoter will be offering insider information concerning the various Avon perfumes for sale on his exclusive Avon site located at the address of

There is More to This Story!

Hamilton will also be offering deals on Avon perfumes that he has in stock. Phenomenal prices for Mother’s Day will be offered just by attending this thought provoking and interesting live event on YouTube.

Make plans to attend using the following details.

Where to attend the Live YouTube Event:
When to attend the Live YouTube Event: Today, May 08, 2017
What time to attend the Live YouTube Event: 10:00 AM CST
How long will the Live YouTube Event be: approximately 1-2 hours
What will be offered at the Live YouTube Event? Special discounts on in store Avon perfumes for Mother’s Day.

Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative
Text 806-337-0891
Avon Calling!


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