Avon Masks and Scrubs

Avon Masks and Scrubs renew, invigorate, deep cleanse, prepare and improve the skin. Try them today from Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative.


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Avon Scrubs and Masks

The scrubs and masks now available from Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative, reveal the true beauty, cleanliness and freshness that we all deserve. For the deep cleaning and renewing of the skin, no matter what condition that skin is in, is the primary goal of the Avon scrubs and masks.

Easy to apply, gentle, cleansing, deep conditioning and ultra renewing would scarcely touch the real feelings of the skin after applications of these scrubs and masks take place. When first applying these wonderful scrubs and masks, you will begin to feel the deep cleansing and stirring action that lets you know that you have indeed, found the right product to use for all of your skin conditioning and cleaning needs.

The Mask (Details)

Amp up your regimen with a mask! Use it one to two times a week after cleaning for an immediate lift. Follow with your regular routine.

4 individually wrapped, single-use sheet masks.


  1. Skin instantly feels firmer, tighter and lifted
  2. Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles
  3. Improves the appearance of skin
  4. Skins looks younger
  5. Moisturizes skin


  • Unfold mask carefully
  • Apply onto clean, dry face, smoothing to adhere
  • Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove and massage serum into skin. Do not rinse
  • Use one to two times a week in the AM/PM

Once you use the Avon Masks, you will be hooked forever! The feeling of doing something good for yourself is appealing, relaxing, invigorating and makes you feel like you are able to conquer anything that may come your way. Now, you are ready to move forward!

The Scrubs

The first step in your daily acne-fighting routine! This cooling scrub is designed to treat every stage of your blemish from start to finish. Quickly dissolves pore-clogging dirt and oil, leaving your skin clean and healthy-looking. Contains our exclusive Oil Control System. Exfoliates pores; leaves skin feeling cool, clean and healthier-looking.


  1. Clears and reduces the number of acne blemishes and acne pimples
  2. Contains our exclusive Oil Control System
  3. Leaves skin feeling cool, clean and healthier looking
  4. With exfoliating grains, the scrub deeply cleanses the face to remove pore-clogging debris and oil build-up, leaving a refreshingly cool sensation

Dermatologist tested


Use in the morning/evening. Apply product to wet hands and rub well over entire face. Rinse well with water until all traces of cleanser are removed.

Both of these wonderful Avon products give you the refreshing, invigorating, relaxing and renewed feeling that only truly deeply conditioned skin can bring. To learn more about these amazing products from Avon and Deborah Hamilton, please visit the following web address: https://www.avon.com/category/skin-care/scrubs-masks?rep=deborahhamilton

Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative
Text 806-337-0891
Email deborah@avon.33mail.com
Avon Calling! http://deborahhamilton.avonrepresentative.com

Note: The website of Deborah Hamilton is owned and operated by Avon.com and is guaranteed safe and secure. Great lengths are taken to assure this for everyone seeking to purchase the finest in Avon products.

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